Masterplan by Gemeente Amsterdam (City Architect),  a sustainable, green neighbourhood with a unique waterfront location and a short distance to the city center. 5500 homes will add to the city in a new residential environment, in a mix of low and highrise buildings.

Amsterdam, Sluisbuurt

A collaboration with Gemeente Amsterdam (City Architects)..

Client Problem: Overcoming resistance to proposed development of Sluisbuurt Area of Central Amsterdam as a commercial and residential hub.

Luma Solution:  Luma was commissioned to produce a number of CG Images / Animations and Virtual Reality tours visualising this new dynamic hub in the Centre of Amsterdam.

Outcome:  Our Visualisations, Virtual reality tours and animations have been an integral and indispensable aid for Amsterdam city planners to show the positive benefits and allay the fears and gain the trust of city residents, UNESCO and all interested parties that seek to maintain Amsterdams unique character.

“The level of public opposition to this development was intense, the fiercest I have ever encountered,” said Mirjana Milanovic, Sluisbuurt project co-ordinator with 20 years’ experience. “We needed a special way to show people how it would look and feel and the work by Luma was pivotal in convincing the heritage-defenders that we could be trusted.” 

Client / Gemeente Amsterdam

Areas – Masterplan, Architectural Visualisation, Virtual Reality