Dundee Waterfront, Masterplan.

Luma has been commissioned to a produce large number of visuals and animated flythroughs to present the City of Dundee’s vision for the ongoing regeneration of the waterfront area. Alongside these more traditional architectural visualisations, Luma has developed, in conjuction with Dundee Waterfront Planning Department and the V&A Museum of Design, an  innovative 3D interactive app allowing users to explore Dundee’s Central Waterfront in 2018, including the interior of the forthcoming V&A Museum of Design Dundee. It has now been launched online and the interactive app and the 3D fly-throughs are used extensively for marketing, to attract investment and to keep the public informed at every stage throughout the development.

App users can explore the city’s new boulevards, view the new Railway Station, explore Slessor Gardens (the new civic space) and take a bird’s eye view of the marina, new hotels, leisure, retail, business and residential areas. There is also an Augmented Reality feature allowing users to point their devices at the V&A Dundee site hoardings to view a fully rendered 3D visualisation of the completed design museum before it has been constructed.

The £1billion transformation of Dundee City Waterfront, which encompasses 240 hectares of development land stretching 8km alongside the River Tay, is a strategic, focussed and forward looking 30 year project (2001-2031) that is propelling the city to international acclaim.   The Waterfront skyline will change with the construction of a new railway station, V&A Museum of Design Dundee, a new marina, port developments, offices, hotels, bars, shops, cafes and residential accommodation.

Client – Dundee Waterfront planning department / V&A Dundee Museum of Design

Areas – Architectural Visualisation / App Design / Graphic Design