This £10m, 127m (416ft) tall rotating tower, holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest free-standing full-rotating tower.

Glasgow Science Centre.

Client Problem:  To find an appealing, interactive and immersive way of delivering information about key landmarks in the city of Glasgow.

Luma Solution:  Luma were commissioned to develop an interactive way finder iPad app for Glasgow Science Museum Tower.  Now boasting 8 iPads, distributed around the upper viewing platform, viewers can click on of points of interest to access information about key landmarks around the City of Glasgow.  The high resolution panoramic photography used within the app was captured from the outside of the cabin about 400 feet above the ground, using one of Luma’s custom built panoramic rigs to provide a truly uninterrupted 360 degree view.  This photograph is also on display within the public gallery.

Outcome:  Significantly enhanced visitor experience and potential to increase revenue by attracting more visitors.


Client / Glasgow Museums 

Areas – App Design / Photography