The window on the past demonstrates the foundation of the University of Edinburgh from 1583.

Old College Quad, ‘A Window on the Past’.

Client Problem:  To make the exploration of history more visual and accessible, enabling visitors to immersively trace the development of the site from its ecclesiastical origins to present day.

Luma Solution:  Luma was asked to develop a 3D interactive mobile app of the Old College Quadrangle. Working closely with Addyman Archaeology’s extensive excavation, Luma took this information to create a 3D re-construction which reveals the foundation of the University of Edinburgh in 1583.  This app allows users to travel 800 years from 1200 A.D. to the present day, to discover the rich history of this site.

Outcome:  Significantly enhanced visitor experience.

Client / University of Edinburgh

Areas – App Design / Architectural Visualisation / Graphic Design / Photography