St James Quarter, Edinburgh.

Luma has been working closely with the Architects, Developers and wider design team, producing CG images, Animations, iPad and VR apps to illustrate this magnificent project…

 Edinburghs ST. James Centre, a mixed use development designed in 1964 in the Brutalist Architectural style of the time was a much unloved series of buildings in the city and in 2013 Alan Murray Architects were commissioned by developers Henderson Global to design an entirely new design for the site. Luma Interactive was asked initially to provide a series of CG images illustrating the re-development.

We have since, along with many further CG Images, produced a number of animations both internal and external of the development. These animation have been of great use during the design, planning and marketing stages, being used to assist with the refinement of the design, explaining coherently to the planning department the visual impact, a tool for enticing retailers and to attract international investors.

Luma involvement in the project has continued and developed, we have recently produced both iPad and Virtual reality Headset apps to bring users and viewers as close a simulation of ‘being there’ as it is currently possible with todays technologies. Once again these applications have been used intensively to inform not only those directly within the design team but also potential retailers investors and used within the planning process..

Client – Henderson Global Investors

Areas – Architectural Visualisation / App Design